Two teenage close friends and class mates Tchanga and Inoma are impregnented by their student teachers. Inoma from a wealthy home is driven out of the family by her father against her mother's wish who can't stand the disgrace and stench that will tamper the pride of his family.
Tchanga on the other hand is bitterly castigated by her parents but she is accepted back and sent to school after having her baby. The film sets out to open a debate on how issues of teenage pregnancies should be handled.

Titre du film : NTCHANGA AND INOMA
Rélisateur : Musing Derick Tenn
Acteurs : Oben Edward, Quinta Eyong Ashu, Candy Lauris Tanyisong, Nsang Dilong, Ngongan Elizabeth and Voga Samson
Année de production : 2015
Durée : 01:35:15
Langue du film : Anglais

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